Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Big Race!

Today Jack participated in a Tot Trot at Kris' school. It was a little event, but we enjoyed rallying around him.

Before the race Kris was trying to pump Jack up.

But when the race was about to start our little man wouldn't let go of Daddy.
It took some encouragement to get him running.

But he made it and got his green ribbon.
And finally Little Miss got to go to the "wee" (playground) she had been begging to go to.

Post-race Jack had some quality rest time with Pop Pop.

Then after watching the 5K race he felt inspired to run for it. He ended up running close to a mile when it was all said and done. Needless to say, he slept well for his nap this afternoon.

It was kinda cute...when he would finish a lap around the 5K trail he would pretend to take his "tag" off and hand it to me just like the finishers of the real race. He was watching closely.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Park Days are Upon Us

Today we joined some friends at a nearby park to enjoy the weather and company. I brought bikes for Jack and Emma and they ended up being a hit on the tennis courts. It was one of the more peaceful park visits to date.

Here is Jack plotting his next parkly adventure...

Emma, my little tennis pro...
I think Jack took about 20 trips around both tennis courts on this trike. Nothing like flat surfaces and a tricycle on a sunny day...
My Tennis Diva...
"Push? Push?" She's always asking to push something.

Yesterday we were at another park. The kids enjoyed playing under the apparatus more than on.

Our big boy...

They both love walking down the stairs...

Gotta love this weather!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Jackie celebrated his 3rd birthday surrounded by his family and closest friends. Don't you love the grumpy faces kids make at their own parties!
These pictures show most of the people who came, in no particular order (blogger is not sophisticated enough to give me that option).

My brothers and Dad...
My bro and his girlfriend, Caroline.
Nonna having a special moment with Emma... (thanks for getting this picture, Mom!)

Aunt May...

I loved this picture because Kris did the exact same thing at his 5th birthday party. Although, Jack was just playing a game here. In Kris' case he hated everyone singing to him.

Here are some of the rugrats at the party:
Jack White (J.J.)
Matthew (Duko)

Aaron (Double A)
Emma Kate, of course
His big present was a new bike. He already looks too big for it, but it's for 3-6 year olds. Hopefully it will last through the summer.

Emma was excited about the gifts too!
Nana J

Aunt Cawa and wide-eyed Esme
Miss Tiff and Aaron
More present opening...
Quintessential little boy birthday party. Other little boys playing with the way cool toys.
Reading his Curious George coloring/sticker book from Aunt May...
Excitedly opening presents...

And Daddy doing a Mr. Wilson impersonation...
Happy Birthday, Son! We love you so much.