Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation and More

We just got back from a 2-week vacation in West Va. and then Charlottesville. It was a blast! Below are some pictures from the adventures. One of our favorite memories was the conquest of the great Humpback Rock. Below is a picture of where we started the hike from. The rock is that little jut at the top of the mountain. At this point Kris said, "I wonder if we're climbing all that way to those rocks." I quickly replied, "No way!" I was wrong.

But it was worth it. Here are a couple pictures of the view from the top.

My adventurous husband decided to take the "manly" route and climb the mountain straight up instead of using the nice, well-trodden path. Just kidding. I had to say that quickly before Kris' mom fainted.

I don't know what came over me here. I do recall us having watched Rocky IV just a week earlier. I guess I was inspired.

There were also a couple "wild animal" sightings.

Kris was nervous about my proximity to the wild beast above. He kept saying, "Honey, he could charge at any time!" Good thing we had recently watched Man vs. Wild and knew how to handle ourselves in the dangerous outdoors! ;)

Then there was the trip to Monticello. Mr. Jefferson was very fond of his flower garden, as was I!

Oh, and here's his house.

More flowers...
Prior to our trip to Monticello and the "great Humpback Rock" we took a lovely adventure with our best friends, Cara and Dave Wilcox, in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

One day Kris went for a quick kayak trip in the Poe-toe-mac. We walked along the C&O canal.
Meg and Jack were able to finely have some extended quality time together. Here's a picture of Meg being gentle with Jack's head. They played very nicely together. It was confirmed, they are destined for each other. (Hopefully she won't tower over him in size and drop drool on his head when they're married!)

I snapped this beauty on our way out of town.
If you can't read the sign posted on the front of the house it reads "NOT FOR RENT". So for all those who were desperately interested, you must look elsewhere. I guess they were getting a lot of inquiries!?

Now, what would a blog post be without some Jack pictures! And besides, his poor grandmothers are going through withdrawal, so these are for them.

This is Jack with his great grandfather, Odell.
And this is one of our favorites of all time.

Big news! Jack is now officially sleeping through the night, anywhere from 9 to 12 hours at a time. Life almost feels normal again! Well, as normal as life with a drooling, thumb-sucking, eat-every-3-hours-then-spit-up kid can be!
Thanks for sticking with me during this long post. Phew!