Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is Summer Here?

We had a sprinkler playdate at Tiff's this week. Homemade popsicles, bathing suits, and fun. Sammy couldn't participate, so he sat on the porch and played with a dead branch. That's a good play toy, right?

Musical and Artistic Jack

The little man is growing up. The other day while I was on the phone he assembled his own water xylophone, complete with straw and snot-sucker. Ingenious. 

He's also been enjoying artistic endeavors. Here is the most realistic "person" I've seen him make yet.

It's supposed to be a self portrait. When he was done he said, "That sure is a silly looking Jack!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lunch conversations

My kids like to pretend that they're adults and they play conversation at the breakfast and lunch table. Today I decided to sit at my computer and just start typing what I heard for posterity's sake.

E: What did you get at Home Depot today?
J: A Ladder. It was grey.
E: And where did you go after Home Depot?
J: I went to the flower shop and I saw Miss Noelle.
E: I saw Ms. Rachael, my friend, not my sister (referring to Mom's friend, not sister)
J: Time out, time out! Emma, will you miss me when I got to college?
E: I'm gonna go to my college.
J: But Emma, will you miss me when I got to college?
E: Um, yes. But I will go to your college with you.
J: Emma? I ate outside and when I went to the flower shop I brought some...
E: Apples?
J: No, a froggy water fountain, it didn't spray up.
E: It just sprayed to you or me?
J: No one. It just stopped. Next,, I went home.
E: To our house to visit us?
J: I brought some eggs and donuts.
E: You brought this many (gesturing for a lot).
J: Yes, a lot. Aaaaaand, I brought some raisins too.
E: And cereal?
J: Yes.
E: What about watter and applesauce?
J: Yes, and oranges....(this went on for a while)
E: Where did you go next after college?
J: I went home. And theeeeen,
E: Andy has his own house.
J: And theeeen...
E: Which color is Andy's house (referring to Toy Story)
J: Andy's house is blue.
(Meanwhile Mommy hears a spashing sound which alerts her to Sam's hand in the toilet--toilet Jack just peed in.)
E: I bought yellow pancakes at the grocery store.
J: Yeah, they were about seven dollars.
E: Did Sammy open the ottoman? Who closed the ottoman?
J: No one.
S: (crying)
E: Hurt his self?
E: Ah, it's a ghost light! That's what Mater says.
J: I gotta go poop.

Kris and my conversation must sound this random to them.

Since I didn't take pictures of today's lunch, here are a few from their somewhat recent hangout times together.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter 2011