Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Daddy's Sick...

It's movie time! Toy Story 2 to the rescue!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Around the House

Not too much time to write these days, but here are some shots from "life around the house". Sam is nearing 6 months. His eyes sparkle, his waste expands, and his toothless smile is contagious. (We won't take too much time to mention that he is still waking up often--like 3 to7 times @ night--and not nursing well.) He's perfectly content to just lay on the floor and play with his feet, or gnaw on something for an extended time. He's currently recovering from his eighth cold since he was born, and I hope with the arrival of warmer weather and more time outdoors that he'll kick the habit of 2 weeks sick/2 weeks well. His cuteness makes up for a lot of the long nights though.

Emma's vocabulary is booming, her hair is still a frequent topic of conversation, and her "girlie-ness" shines. Since I was never really a girlie-girl I'm fascinated by her love for all things dolls. But she's also taken to her brother's love for puzzles. To see them working on them together as a team makes me smile every time.

Jack has been a "workin' man" a lot recently. He fixes little things around the house for me. Today he spent about 30 minutes stuffing different tools into his bike to fix it. He's still a big fan of Curious George, Word World, and Cat in the Hat, but asks more to play computer games now before he asks for cartoons. He's a couple months away from 4 and I really see a "big boy" side of him that I haven't seen before. His tantrums are less frequent, his "yes mom's" are more frequent, and by God's grace I am enjoying his company much more. :)

All in all, life is pretty darn good.